Robyn Harvey

Veterinary Assistant

Robyn grew up in New Franklin, Missouri. She began shadowing with us in summer 2004 and started working for the clinic in fall 2004. She graduated from New Franklin High School in 2007 and attended the University of Missouri to pursue a degree in Animal Sciences. Robyn began working in the Ruminant Nutrition Research Laboratory her sophomore year of college under Dr. Monty Kerley. After graduating with her Bachelor of Sciences in Animal Sciences in December 2010, she began working on a Master’s Degree in Ruminant Nutrition under the guidance of Dr Kerley. Robyn’s nutritional research involved working on formulating and balancing feedlot diets for post-ruminal amino acids, how corn processing affects the amino acids and if there is a benefit to further processing of corn in feedlot diets. Robyn graduated with her Master’s Degree in Ruminant Nutrition in the spring of 2013.  During the week, she works as a full-time Research Assistant at Sinclair Research Facility. Apart from school, Robyn stays busy raising cattle and helping on her boyfriend Trevor’s Whitetail Deer Farm.

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