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Diagnostic Laboratory and Imaging

Laboratory diagnostics via blood and/or urine testing are important in assessing the overall functionality of your pet’s internal organs and body systems. We are equipped with an in-house CBC (complete blood count) and chemistry machine to facilitate a quick and easy assessment of your pet. Results are read by a veterinarian within 15 minutes. We also have a reference laboratory we use to send out samples and provide further diagnostic testing capabilities to our patients. In our laboratory, we also offer urinalysis, which helps us evaluate the bladder and kidneys. In addition, we are equipped with a microscope in order to evaluate cells and other samples from your pet through cytology.

Digital Radiography

Radiology is another tool that we can utilize for the diagnosis and treatment of your pet. It can be used to image all parts of the body, including the abdomen, chest, spine, and limbs. We have one of the best digital radiography units available on the veterinary market, and this allows us to look at all areas of an animal’s body in a non-invasive way. X-rays help us view internal organs in your pet’s body that we otherwise could not see, and this helps us diagnose and even prevent illnesses. Digital radiographs produce a much higher quality image than film radiographs, and they can be digitally manipulated. This gives us the best possible information to diagnose your pet. At Howard County Veterinary Service, it is our mission to provide your pets the highest quality medical care possible, and this is one of the ways we accomplish that.