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Big City Skills with Small Town Frills

Howard County Veterinary Service is a full-service mixed animal practice serving Mid-Missouri since 1962. We pride ourselves on providing reliable and affordable healthcare to both large and companion animals. We strive to use the most current information and technology for the benefit of our clients and their pets or livestock. We are here to offer a variety of care from routine/preventative care to emergency, medical, and surgical services.

Our Purpose is to empower happy clients to have healthy pets. Our Niche is to build mutually respectful relationships with loyal, proactive, and supportive clients.

Our Core Values

Living by the Golden Rule

Whether we are interacting with clients or their animals, we believe that every situation should be treated with thoughtfulness and kindness.  We treat others as we would like to be treated, and we will treat your animals as if they were our own.

Versatile & Industrious

We understand that when it comes to caring for animals (large and small), there is no “one size fits all” plan.  Our veterinarians and staff work hard to ensure that preventative plans and treatment plans are catered to you and your pet’s needs. We like to think of ourselves as the McGyvers or swiss army knives of the veterinary world; versatile, flexible, and ready to take on challenges!

Fun-Loving & Energetic

We understand that keeping stress levels low is key to improving productivity, mental and physical health, and employee and client retention.  Of all of our core values, this one is probably the easiest for us to showcase as it is part of the everyday rhythm of our veterinary clinic.  If you walk inside our doors and interact with our staff, you will feel the energy of this pleasant and fun environment.


Whether it’s delivering a calf or taking on a challenging case, our doctors and staff have the resolve and strength of character to get the job done.  We will utilize every talent and resource we have to ensure that your animal gets the best care possible.

Our Animal services

Wellness Care

Wellness and preventive care are important to maintaining the health of your pet. Yearly wellness exams and vaccinations can be key to catching problems early before they become serious problems.


Diagnostic testing is important in assessing the overall functionality of your pet’s internal organs and body systems. We have both in-house and a reference laboratory we use to get your pet’s results as soon as possible.

Surgical Services

At Howard County Veterinary Service, we offer a variety of surgical services. Procedures that we are equipped to perform include but are not limited to: Soft Tissue, Spay, Neuter, Orthopedic and Emergency Surgery.

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