Large Animal Services

Chute and Facilities

We are equipped with an in-house chute system to conveniently facilitate the working/processing of cattle for those who do not have on-farm facilities.  Our chute system includes accurate scales and several pens to facilitate sorting animals.  Our chute system can also be adjusted to accomodate small calves for vaccinating and castrating to large bulls for fertility testing.

We are also equipped with a portable chute system to facilitate working cattle in the convenience of your own farm.  If you have a functional chute system and head catch, we will also utilize your facilities to work your animals.



Our mobile truck units allow us to provide quality care to your front door.  Our truck units and in-house chute facility are utilized for emergency work as well as routine/preventative care.  Our food animal service includes but is not limited to reproductive medicine (pregnancy checking via rectal palpation and ultrasound), routine work (vaccination, castration, dehorning, Missouri Stocker Feed Quality Assurance Program, etc.), lameness evaluation, fertility testing, medical services, and basic surgery (cesarian sections, perineal urethrostomy, etc.).



Equine Service

We are commited to providing routine, quality care for your horse(s).  Services include but are not limited to Coggins testing, vaccination, castration, lameness evaluation, and medical services.  Our mobile truck units facilitate emergency and routine care of your horses in the convience of your own barn or farm.


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